47th edition of Rallye Tatry cancelled for 2020

The Organization committee of 47th Rallye Tatry has made a difficult decision of cancelling the upcoming edition of their competition. The oldest rally in Slovakia will not be run in 2020 mainly due to negative development of pandemic situation and restrictive arrangements of Slovak government related to mass public events. Seeing the actual record-breaking increments of diseased people, the organizers are not able, despite of their maximum effort, to fulfil all hygienic requirements, therefore they have halted the rally preparations rather than threatening the health of competitors and spectators.

The organizers from AOS klub Poprad already in April stated that due to coronavirus pandemic and related government restrictions the rally would be postponed from its original date at the beginning of June to later this year. However also in the re-scheduled date from 18 to 20 September the rally will not go on – in terms of current hygienic arrangements the organizers are not able to secure spectators safety at popular spectators’ stage on the city circuit in Poprad as well as at ceremonial start and finish and many other additional events including autograph session. All these venues are every year visited by thousands of rally fans, however the organizers don’t want to run the rally without them as the spectators are an inseparable part of this sport!

Second reason for cancelling the upcoming edition of the Poprad-based rally is minor interest in this event from the side of national and regional governments. The organizers also expected higher number of entries, the competitors’ interest was not as high as promising predictions from previous summer months. The Organization committee would like to apologize to all entered competitors for cancelling the event only two weeks before it is go. All entry fees will be fully refunded in upcoming days. At the same time there are also cancelled FIA Trophy for Historic Regularity Rally and third edition of Green Rallye Tatry, the regularity drive for electric and hybrid cars.

The organizers would like to thank to all rally fans and partners for their support and they hope to meet all together again at the Rallye Tatry in 2021!

In Poprad, 7 September 2020Ing.

Stanislav HANZELI CoC and chairman of the Organization committee

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