PRESS RELEASE no. 4 Information for foreign crews at Rallye Tatry Slovakia

The organizing committee of the oldest Slovak car competition, Rallye Tatry Slovakia, is working at full speed. There is a month left until the start of the 48th edition, which will take place on May 28-30 in Poprad region. Due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, the competition will be accompanied by strict epidemiological measures and regulations given by the Slovak government. The following press release is intended primarily for crews and competition teams from abroad.
The organizers from the AOS club Poprad declare that all foreign crews will have a smooth entry into Slovakia. „Each crew from abroad will receive an invitation letter from us informing them of the exemption and that the sports team and its members are not subject to quarantine. This will fulfill the letter of the Cross-Border Act,“ said Stanislav Hanzeli, chairman of the organizing committee and rally director.
To enter the territory of the Slovak Republic, each crew, including members of the competition team from neighbouring countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Ukraine), must have a valid antigen test not older than 24 hours. Travellers from European Union countries are required to have a PCR test not older than 3 days (72 hours).
All participants of the race, including rally officials, members and mechanics of the competition teams, organizers, timekeepers, as well as media representatives, undergo antigen testing directly in Poprad before the competition, not older than 12 hours. „The collection point will be located next to the winter stadium, close to the headquarters and the service zone. For example, the crews will be tested on Thursday before the administrative checks and presentation of the competitors,“ Hanzeli said.

The above rules will apply to foreign participants, as well as to additional competitions. A high-ranking event called the FIA European Historic Regularity Rally Trophy will be held as the 2nd RALLYE TATRY SLOVAKIA REGULARITY and Poprad will also welcome competitors in the regularity of electric and hybrid vehicles under called GREEN RALLYE TATRY SLOVAKIA.
The state of emergency in Slovakia is valid until May 28, but the competition itself will start only after this date, on Saturday. Whether the fans will get to the event will be known a few days before the competition. „We believe that spectators will be allowed to enter. Together with SAMŠ, we are working hard to ensure that rallies and motorsport events are included among the sports with the exception of up to 2,000 people,“ Hanzeli explained, adding: „We invite all crews and competition teams to Slovakia. We are preparing a beautiful rally under the Tatra mountains with challenging special stages. Do not hesitate to apply and let’s spend the last weekend of May under the High Tatras together.“ Other news about the 48th Rallye Tatry Slovakia 2021 will come in the following press releases. They will be published on the official website as well as and on the Facebook profile of the Rallye Tatry Slovakia. Poprad, 30 April 2021 Roman ORDELT, Press Secretary, Rallye Tatry Slovakia 2021

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