FIA Trophy For Historic Regularity Rallies 2020 in Slovakia

The biggest and the most important news for  the  47th year of Rallye Tatry is that this competition has become a part of the FIA Trophy for Historic Regularity (a European historic car trophy). The first competition is going to take place from  18th to 20th  of September  2020 in the High Tatras Region,Slovakia. The central point of the competition is the town  Poprad.

Rallye Tatry is the oldest car racing competition in Slovakia and one of the most important ones in central Europe. The first year of the competition was organized in 1969. Besides FIA  Trophy for Historic Regularity, Rallye Tatry is a part of FIA CEZ  rally championship 2020, FIA CEZ historic car championship 2020, Slovak rally championship, Slovak rally cup 2020 and rally legend.

In August 1969 the first rally competition in Slovakia was organized. 15 teams took part in this competition.  In the following season, the competition became a part of the Czechoslovak championship. The fifth season of the competition was a sort of a milestone for the competition because Polish racer Zasada took part in the competition driving his Porsche Carrera together with his wife as a co-driver.  1979 was a promising year for the competition because a FIA representative Wulf Biebinger visited the High Tatras region and claimed that tracks and the organization of the competition are good enough to organize a European championship here. It was a strong impulse for the era of the “great” Tatras to begin. The competition became a part of the European championship calendar in 1982. In the beginning, the competition was a part of Alpe Adria Cup series but later it became a part of Mitropa Cup. Well known drivers like Mattig, Haugland, Ceccato…all took part in the competition. Since the very beginning there were names like Hubacek-Rieger in their Renault Alpine, Zasada couple, Lundstrom etc.  In 1976, Johny Haugland took part in the competition for the first time. After that, Krecek,Kvaizar, Trajbold, Pech followed together with Italians Ceccato and Corradin and Pole Bublewitz.

The competition consists of two stages with 436 km of tracks out of which 147 are time trials. At the beginning of 2020, there was a plan to drive 14 national qualifying races but, unfortunately, the covid 19 pandemic began and many of these had to be cancelled. After the discussion between the organizers and FIA, the decision was made for 7 races to take place in which teams will be able to gain points for the ALPINE CHALLENGE which is to be organized between 2nd and 4th October 2020 in Switzerland. Except the Slovak competition, other competitions will be organized in Hungary, Russia, Greece, Italy and Croatia.

Being a part of the Rallye Tatry competition is a matter of prestige and to succeed in such a competition has a great response in the motor racing world. We are tremendously glad that FIA has given us their reliance and allowed us to organize FIA Trophy for Historic Regularities Rally 2020.

Organisers of Rallye Tatry 2020

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